Flint Eastwood with Special Guest Blush’ko


Chippendale New South Wales

Flint Eastwood with Special Guest Blush’ko

Celebrating a breakout twelve months while staring valiantly into a dazzling future, Detroit's Queen-on-the-rise Flint Eastwood returns to Australia for two East Coast shows in 2019.

An open-hearted medley of future pop and indie soul, Flint (aka: Jax Anderson), will arrive on the back of her triple j summer smash (and emerging Pride anthem) 'Real Love' and will also perform tracks from her latest offering This Is A Coping Mechanism for A Broken Heart.

Released in October, the EP features recent hit 'Sober' (feat. Shortly) and has stirred up worldwide attention for the inspirational vocalist, landing her at the pointy end of many 2018 year-end lists.

Born for the stage and studio, Anderson kicked things off in her beloved Detroit at the tender age of 12, cutting her teeth in the Motor City's prominent DIY scene accompanied by her producer brother, the aptly named Syblyng (real name: Seth Anderson).

Together the two dabbled with different genres and styles, bouncing ideas off each other and allowing Jax to lyrically explore the issues associated with growing up gay in a deeply Christian household.

"Art was my escape and my way of really figuring myself out," she has remarked about that time.

"I think that's the reason I want to help people with music and I want to encourage people to be as open as they can be. Because I know how it feels to not be who you are."

As Jax's visions became ever clearer and Seth's production techniques were honed, the decision was made to crystallise her efforts under one name, and Flint Eastwood was born.

Harnessing a nascent power, the project really started to hum on the release of single 'Queen'taken from the Broke Royalty EP. A rallying cry for the ages, it's propulsive energy and hook line of "I'm a queen, not a solder - got something to fight for" was perfect for a world finally waking up to the power and strength of a women's movement.

Spring boarding from this new platform, Anderson aims to meld politics, love and life into delirious vocal celebration and intricate production.

The Coping Mechanism EP is evidence of this, with tracks like 'Fire' (feat. Sam Austins), and 'Sober' showcasing exactly why Australian audiences will be thrilled to get another glimpse of Flint Eastwood this summer.

Date and Time

February, 28 2019 08:00 PM


2-6 City Road
Chippendale New South Wales